My Tiktok account is freezed blocked from last 5 to 6 months [सुलझा लिया गया]

Dear, My Tiktok ID @apkshubham6 has been freezed from last 5-6 months.I Followed the all guidelines instructions of the tiktok community I never upload any harmful content ,I upload the my video daily iam facing this problem from 5-6 months Iam reporting a Problem daily but I don’t get any response from Tiktok team day by day iam loosing my followers i think someone is continuously reporting on my id So please review my account and do it unfreezed my account cross 23.1k more than that iam so tensed plz help me .
my tiktok ID is @apkashubham6 Thankyou
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शुक्रवार 15 नवम्बर 2019
Hi Ayaan, according to the community guidelines, you have violated some rules or regulations. I would request you to drop a mail to the community teams of the TikTok to resolve the issue.
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I have done all things I have followed all the instructions of tiktok team so and I have also mailed but I don't get any response
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