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Silverlight is a multiplatform, multi-system plugin with multiple browsers. This software allows you to view interactive animations and audio or video files on sites like YouTube, etc. Silverlight includes animations and many geometric primitives like ellipses or other shapes. It also has a lightweight library that has several features.

Microsoft Silverlight also allows playback of MP3, WMA Standard streams. Note that there are no widgets on the user interface. Silverlight provides local storage of data in the user's private folder. Even though the browser uses different browsers, the instances of the application share the same data. We can do without Javascript language. One can write Silverlight applications with any development tool that uses languages. Net. The use of the XAML language is made to replace the standard HTML language. The new version adds many features that allow you to install the application on the user's machine locally. We also note the integration of 2.5 D which allows the transformation of 3D objects. There is also GPU acceleration on the interface, offline mode support as well as off-browser mode. The latest version allows playback speed control and 64-bit support.

वैकल्पिक स्पेलिंग: Microsoft Silverlight, Silverlight-5.1.411.5.exe, Silverlight.exe
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